Stabbity Ever After #1 Ryan Kincaid Trick R Treat Homage GFC Exclusive

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Gotham's Finest Comics Exclusive cover to the next installment in Richard Rivera's Stabbity Bunny series.

Awesome homage to the Trick R Treat movie poster.

But wait, there's a twist!

We have a secret cover that you can purchase a limited number of by themselves or for a discounted price with 10 copy bundle of regular edition.

This cover will special to those who love the movie, but we're not sharing until it comes out!

Trade dress will be limited to 250 copies

Secret Variant will be limited to 50 copies

Actual cover will have Stabbity Bunny and Scout Comics Trade Dress.

Estimated release date is mid-late December.

(W) Richard Rivera (A) Dwayne Biddix

This alternate reality version of Stabbity Bunny takes place nowhere near the world of the regular series. This is for those who crave unbridled mayhem and long to see the ultimate bunny fury unleashed! Stabbity takes on the fairyland inhabitants who stand in his way as he fights to rescue Grace from an evil sorcerer. No profanity. No sexual situations. It's a mixture of humor and extreme cartoony violence for the fans that need more Stabbity goodness in their lives. Brought to life by the talents of Richard Rivera and Ryan Kincaid. Be sure to get in on the ground floor of this epic offering!