Audiobooks are a wonderful thing...

Audiobooks are a wonderful thing...

I spend a lot of time in the car.  A lot more than I want.  Hours upon hours every week.  A lot of that time is spent alone and I go through phases with what I listen to.

Sometimes it's Philly sports talk, but that's gotten a little depressing.  The Phillies and Sixers haven't made the playoffs in years and the Eagles and Flyers both missed the mark this season.

Sometimes it's music, usually my own playlist on Spotify or my iTunes list, I've had a hard time with a lot of the newer pop and rock music and the other radio stations play the same songs I don't want to hear over and over.

Lately I've been listening to audiobooks - I know this isn't a new technology or anything groundbreaking, but when you have to drive three hours one way to from Ormond Beach to Tampa it sure is a good time to take in a good book.

The ideal situation would be to write while I drive, but that's not a good idea for anyone; my truck does not drive itself unfortunately (someday...someday).  So it's the perfect opportunity to absorb a novel and it frees up time to work on my own writing when I'm home, while still getting my fix.

What better way to consume something like Cixin Liu's Three-Body Problem Trilogy that I'm wrapping up now. The series has filled my ears for the last month and a half.  If I tried to take the time to read it at home, the 1500 pages would have tormented me for the better part of the year I'm sure (and cut into my comic book reading).

But alas, this series is coming to an end for me and I'll have to find another wonderful book for some talented voice-artist to read to me.

Hmmmm, maybe Shady Place could use an audiobook...

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