Stake is a vampire story for people who are sick of the same old same old vampire tropes.

They’re not supernatural, they’re not evil or demonic. They are biological organisms, an evolutionary sidestep from humanity. In the world of Stake, they simply are.

Admit it, we all knew vampires were real. Three years ago, ancient vampire Ashwyn confirmed just that when he ripped Brock Wilson’s heart out live on every media outlet on the planet.

On that fateful day, Angel Beltran Stinson was a normal teenage girl - more concerned with where she was going to spend her college years than worrying about being abducted with her two best friends by the mother of all vampire baddies.

All it took was one instant to change her life forever.

Tensions run high in a world torn by Ashwyn’s actions. In response, the world’s governments and the International Vampire Senate established the Vampire Bounty Hunter Union to keep order between humans and vampires.

With the help of her ageless vampire warrior partner, Jessamy, Angel sets out to track down the vampire who destroyed her life – and she’s sharing it all on social media.

She is…Stake.