Bowling and Buddies

I spend a lot of time working and then subsequently hiding at home.  I've always been a bit of a homebody and a bit of recluse, I think it comes with the territory of being an only child.  Ashley is the same way, we cherish our sanctuary and would bury our heads in the sand if we could. But... On occasion I get to spend time with good friends and remember what it was like when we were younger and care free, instead of worrying about bills and deadlines, we were concerned with where we were going to party on a given night.  Last night we got to see old friends, share a few drinks, laughs, and a few hours of what we'll call "bowling." It was bowling, but we collectively were not good and public bowling alley balls seem to never fit my thumb, at all.  It's always fun hurling a thirteen pound ball down a lane, only to have said ball in turn attempt to bring you with it.  I did win one game, but before long I could throw the ball anymore, so I let Ashley take my turns. Seeing friends in a social setting reminds me that no matter how committed we are to our goals and work, we have to make time to enjoy life and as the old adage says, smell the roses. It's starting to get insanely warm here in Florida again, might be time to spend some time in a Shady Place:)

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