Comic Review: Legends Parallel #1 & 2

I'm going to try to take a little time to throw up some reviews on Indie comics I read to help spread the word if I can.  First up, Legends Parallel issues 1 and 2:
Legends Parallel is a multidimensional superhero book that is definitely for mature readers. Populated with a diverse class of well drawn characters, both literally and figuratively and pop off the page, the first two issues serve to lay the foundation for what should be a much larger world, or rather worlds. Set in a universe where there are multiple Earths on parallel timelines, one force is vying to control and manipulate them all. Unfortunately for the heroes on the ground of these different worlds, they don’t even seem to realize they’re not alone. With the direction of the story, it’s clear they will soon enough and things are going to get interesting. There’s definitely some setup for romance, family drama, lots of action, and potentially some multidimensional warfare. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

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