Fighting the Urge to Not Write

Call it procrastination. Call it deviation…digression…distraction. No matter how driven a creative person is, there comes that time when there’s something else, anything else you’d rather do.

It’s a strange phenomenon when you literally feel bad if you aren’t writing, but at the same time would rather do anything else in the world. And here I am, technically I am writing this post, but in reality I’m not working on my next piece. In a few minutes, I’ll tell myself it’s too late to work on it tonight, so I’ll just go watch TV in bed.

What is one to do? Fight the urge of course. Even when you don’t want to write, you do it. It’s like writer’s block, you have to fight through it. The problem isn’t missing one day; it’s making it the norm. You miss one day because of circumstances, it’s ok, but then you miss another and another and another until it becomes the norm.

That sounds serious. Maybe I should get back to work?

On second thought, I’ll do it tomorrow.

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