I survived! What a month!

I’m back! 

It’s been a month and what a month it’s been.

Time to take a breath. Not a long breath, but maybe a few days reprieve!

Since I last wrote you, I’ve been to Savannah Comic Con, Daytona Comic Con, and the Scout Comics and Entertainment HQ grand opening. Between all that? A lot of work and a lot of driving!

The Savannah show was a little disappointing, but the city is amazing and Ashley and I got to explore and have a great time with our friends Tyson and John from Comics Central in Sanford, FL and I always enjoy hanging out with Richard Rivera (Stabbity Bunny creator), Wayne Hall, and Alex Lobato, so the weekend wasn’t a total bust.

Daytona is our home show, so we always see a lot of people we know. Got to hangout with some great creators and participate in a few panels about comic creating. Tom Raupp puts on a great show, even though attendance was down, it was still great!

We sold at least one copy of Shady Place at each show, which seems to be the norm, who knew at comic shows we’d sell a novel about a 55+ community!

Last Saturday, Ashley and I made the trip to Ft. Myers for the Scout Comics HQ grand opening and a blast, I love those guys and what they’re doing. I see big things in store for that company and recommend checking them out if you haven’t already!

On May 1st, I’ll be talking to a high school writing group about the ins and outs of writing. My plan is to be as honest and optimistic with them as possible, but temper expectations without scaring them too much, wish me luck!

MegaCon is coming! May 16 – 19th this year before it moves to mid-April next year. Matt Magill will be joining me again this year and we’ve got some great stuff in store. We’ll have a nice preview of the first Spy-DeerMan graphic novel, probably 12-16 pages of JB3 goodness!

We’ll be at Table 92A – but it won’t be an ordinary table this year. We got 2 table spaces and will be bringing an inflatable couch! That’s right The Couch is coming to MegaCon, literally!

Hope to see you there, it’s going to be a crazy weekend!

Speaking of MegaCon, I’ll be debuting a brand new Stake preview for the show. While I don’t have much new interior content I do have one fantastic reveal.

The cover – this is going to be a sketch version of the variant cover for issue #1 by the phenomenal artist Derrick Chew (Batgirl, Flash, Red Sonja). If you aren’t familiar with Derrick’s work check him out right here.

Outside of showing people in person, this is the first reveal of this cover in a public forum – the preview will feature the sketch version:

These will be available at MegaCon and will have the reveal of the fully rendered regular and bloody versions that will don the cover of Stake issue #1 when it arrives.

Want one, but can’t get to MegaCon? 


Are you getting excited for Stake? I know I am!

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