Off to Portland, I heard it’s cold there

It’s that time again,

I’ll be travelling to Portland tomorrow for ComicsPro with Scout. ComicsPro is an event for retailers to meet and talk about their concerns with the industry, but also an opportunity for publishers to get face time with these same retailers. Scout will be rolling out a few new imprints and I’ll get to check out a conference I’ve wanted to for a while firsthand!

Last week I introduced you to Stake Kickstarter Women of Comics Cover Collection artists Carla Cohen and Piper Rudich, this week I’m going to bring you three more amazing artists!

First is Zu Orzu:

Zu is a bit more abstract than Piper and Carla; her work is really stunning:

Next up is Tiffany Groves:

Tiffany does a lot of really great pencil work and in case you couldn’t tell, she likes Star Wars, and that’s alright in my book 😛

And our final artist for this week is Stephanie Lavaud:

Stephanie works mostly in pen and watercolor and as you’ll see below the results are amazing!

I have made pretty cool videos for each of these artists that are on the Facebook page, pop on over and check em out!

Light week for updates as I’m prepping for the Kickstarter in March, but I’ll leave you with two more covers! One from Zu and one from Tiffany:

And a quick reminder, click the image below and you can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter has gone live!

I’ll be back next week, with more great art and artists!

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