Pickleball and Shady Place and the US Open Pickleball Tournament, Oh My

I'll delve deeper into what exactly pickleball is in a future post, but I got an interesting email this afternoon.

Daytona Beach is the future site of a 55 and better community with a Jimmy Buffett theme called Latitude Margaritaville, so of course I registered for updates. This will be the premiere 55+ community in the area exactly the kind of community Shady Place was modeled after.

Wouldn't you know it, the developer, Minto, is holding the second annual US Open Pickleball Championships later this month in Naples, FL.

In the novel Shady Place, the neighborhood actually plays host to a fictional national pickleball tournament and none other than Shady Place's own Sanjay "Jay" Patel participates.

Maybe it's time to pack up the Shady Place gang and take a trip to Naples?

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