San Deigo Comic Con debrief and what’s next🦸

Well hello again!

Since my last update I took a trip…to San Diego Comic Con, somehow it was already over a week ago!

I went out with the guys from Scout Comics and we had a great trip taking meetings all weekend. The experience was pretty fantastic. I only got to spend a few hours over the whole weekend walking the convention floor, but did get to see some friends (in some cases for the first time in person).

I was able to get some pictures to just show just how crazy the actual convention center was, but I won’t bog down this email with all the files, so here’s one with a link to Facebook post that has all the others!

And for those of you who love seeing all the cool cosplayers (and since I failed to get ANY cosplay pics), check out this Cosplay Gallery from Comics Heating Up!

I really never thought I’d make it to San Diego Comic Con before New York, but thanks to Scout I was able to make the incredible journey. Arriving back in Florida at 5AM on Monday was a little rough, but totally worth it. Hopefully, next year they’ll let me come back with them 😬

Along the same lines, I need to extend a congratulations to my friend, and president of Scout Comics, James Haick, who had his comic Solar Flare optioned for television! Way to go James, looking forward to more great news on this!

This weekend I’ll be at table A9 at Tampa Bay Comic Con, the show runs from Friday through Sunday and is always a good time. Hope to see you there!

So I hate doing it, but I’ve got huge news coming for Stake, I just can’t share it yet. So in the meantime, here’s a new cover I commissioned for Issue #1 by Nate Artuz, a great artist I met through Artstation who is already on board for a cover for #3. Do yourself a favor and check out his other work! I promise to share this news soon, I can’t wait… it’s massive.

Lastly, if you have a few bucks lying around why not check out a few awesome Kickstarters?


Heirs of Isildur – Time Travel and Steam Punk, need I say more?


Catdad & Supermom – a tale for all ages that tackles bullying in a fun way.

MetalShark Bro – this is the sequel, but you can get the original here, too – MetalShark just wants to be a shark again, but the devil won’t let him.


The Game  think Quantum Leap, if Sam happened to jump into the body of 

The Highlander,  and then got dragged into a sexy noir thriller.

That’s all for now, next time I hope I have that killer news I promised, until then, stay frosty!

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