Shady Place: The Next Audiobook

Taking the next steps to determine if we're ready for an audiobook for Shady Place.

This is something I desperately want for the project.

I'm going to bite the bullet, but it's not as simple as just sitting down with my computer and mic and reading the book.

Everything I do, I do to the most professional level I can manage, and in many cases can afford, or I don't do it.

An audiobook is a performance and requires a talented voice artists.  So I have to find someone good, someone with comedic timing, who can do accents, and has a good cadence.  Easy, right?  I could probably go grab someone from the mall, I'm sure they have a recording studio at home, too.  Right?  It's never that easy.

It shouldn't be.

The sample is going out for auditions tomorrow, let the fun begin!

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