Some announcements and some predictions😎

Two weeks in a row!

I’ve got a few announcements and then something a little different at the end, first…

Stake has a new Facebook Page!

You can join here.

You can get all the latest Stake news there. I’ve been posting some really cool videos to tease something very special and now you get to hear it here first:

That’s riiiiight! Back on Kickstarter, this time with Stake. The campaign will feature issue #1 in limited versions that won’t be released anywhere else.

We’re calling it the Women of Comics campaign and it will include 8 exclusive covers from female artists from all over the world, including the US, UK, France, Italy, Philippines, and Singapore!

I’ll be announcing the artists shortly. Very excited for this campaign! There will be lots of goodies, including shiny things and opportunities for original art on blank sketch covers!

As we get closer to the launch date, I will have a link available for the campaign that will alert you when the we go live, but in the meantime you can follow me on Kickstarter if you’d like (just click the image):

While you’re waiting for the Stake Kickstarter to launch, you should mosey on over to my friend and fellow creator Travis Gibb’s campaign for Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies #3 (don’t worry it has a catchup option so you can get all 3 issues)!

After years of being on the bottom, Randy and Denver are finally on their way to being “Made Men.” Someone had other plans and now a simple drop has them broke down on the side of the road with four dead bodies.

Check it out!

Now for something a little different!

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It’s time again for my favorite awards ceremony, the Academy Awards! The Oscar. Man I’d love to have one of those on my mantle…

Every year I like to guess who’s going to win, I’m usually pretty good, but we’ll see, here are my picks for the categories I like the most:

Full disclosure, I have not seen all the films, but am familiar with all and pay pretty close attention to what’s going on in the business 

I’m giving you my head picks (who I think will win) and my heart picks (who I want to win)

Best Picture: Head – 1917 / Heart – Parasite

I really enjoyed both, but the subject matter in 1917 is normally a winner with the Academy. speaking of subject matter, Parasite is such an interesting commentary on classism that is well acted and beautifully shot, I don’t think it will win because it’s a foreign film, but we’ll see. Runner-up Joker – I loved this movie, but I just don’t see it pulling off an upset.

Best Director: Head – Sam Mendes / Heart – Bong Joon Ho

I have a feeling Mendes ekes it out for 1917, but maybe just maybe, Snowpiercer director Bong Joon Ho sneaks in as consolation for not winning Best Picture?

Best Screenplay (adapted): Head – Greta Gerwig / Heart – Taika Waititi

This is always my second favorite category, I’d love a tie for Jojo Rabbit’s Taika Waititi and Joker’s Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, but I see Greta Gerwig taking it for Little Women.

Best Screenplay (original): Head – Quentin Tarantino / Heart – Bong Joon Ho

Now this, this is my favorite category for obvious reasons. I think Parasite was sooooo good, it deserves all the awards, but I think Once Upon Time in Hollywood has two things going for it – Tarantino and Hollywood.

Best Cinematographer: Head/Heart – Roger Deakins

What he did in 1917 can’t be ignored. The film felt like 2 shots total, it was a fete, I still hear people claiming the whole thing was just 2 long shots, it wasn’t, but the illusion is there. I loved this aspect of Birdman and it was even more impactful here.

Best Actress: (this is the only category I didn’t see any of the films, so no Heart selection) Head – Renee Zellweger

She’s playing Judy Garland and has been hording statues all winter.

Best Supporting Actress: Head – Laura Dern / Heart – Scarlett Johansson

I loved Jojo Rabbit, ScarJo was so good in it, but Laura Dern seems like the smart pick for Marriage Story. Florence Pugh had an amazing year and has a bright future, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her nominated again soon.

Best Actor: Head – Joaquin Phoenix / Heart – Joaquin Phoenix

His performance rivals Heath Ledger’s and he’s been cleaning up at other awards shows, I don’t see any reason he won’t win here. I do think it would be cool if Antonio Banderas won, and I know my mom would love that, but I just don’t see it happening.

Best Supporting Actor: Head – Tom Hanks / Heart – Brad Pitt

This category is ridiculous with the nominees, Hanks, Hopkins, Pacino, Pesci, and Pitt, c’mon! Tom hasn’t had one in a few years and I think Pacino and Pesci cancel each other out. I’d love to see Brad Pitt win an acting Oscar, he’s been so good in so many movies I love, it’s time.

Best Animated Film: (just a head on this one) Head – Klaus

Only saw one of these flicks, but I’ve heard Klaus was amazing, I Lost My Body could be a dark horse.

Best Foreign Film: Head – Parasite / Heart – Parasite

If you’re nominated for Best Film and Best Foreign Film how can you not win in the Foreign category?

What do you think? Tell me how right or wrong I am!

Next week I’ll have some new art for you from the Kickstarter campaign, it’s really great, looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

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