The Weirdest Thing Keeps Happening to Me

First of all, hope everyone had a nice Easter Weekend, I took yesterday off from posting, but I'm back.  Did you miss me?  Come on you know you did!

So I have a particular brand of gum that I like to chew to refresh my breath throughout the day.  I won't mention the brand (it start with a D and with an entyne).  We buy the stuff by at the wholesale club.  I always have at least a full box in my truck.

I chew the Arctic Chill; it's light and refreshing.  Great for getting in front of someone when I've just had a meal or drank some tea or a soda.

Over the last week and across one and a half packs, I've had three randomly inserted cinnamon flavored surprises in my Arctic Chill packs of gum.

This is very disconcerting when you put a piece of gum in your mouth expecting a cool jolt of refreshing flavor and in turn your mouth is blasted by the fiery torment of cinnamon.  I hate cinnamon gum.  I didn't buy a pack of Big Red, because I don't like Big Red.  In fact, as the sentence a few lines back states, I HATE CINNAMON GUM.

I'm hoping this is an isolated event, but I may literally lose my mind the next time I chomp down on a piece of gum and it's the wrong flavor.

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